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  • 10kg Bales

    29 Apr 2019 S Tooke
    Our large 10kg bales are generally sold to dog kennels and dog breeders. but this material can be used for litter or bedding for small animals too.
  • A really versatile unit which comes complete with ground, hanging or feeder tray options. Compatible with all the Honeyfield’s heavy duty feeders.
  • The Cottage Garden Range by Honeyfield’s consists of the following feeders: Seed Feeder Peanut Feeder Fat Ball Feeder (NEW for 2019) These feeders are large bird and squirrel proof, beautifully made a ...
  • Honeyfield’s NEW Easy Clean and Fill Feeders are designed with a secure, screw top lid, to enable quick and easy filling and re-filling. They also feature an easy, quick release base which is removed ...
  • The NEW Urban Garden Range by Honeyfield's consists of the following: Seed Feeder Peanut Feeder Nyjer Seed Feeder Fat Ball Feeder Sunflower Heart Feeder Suet Block Feeder These feeders are available i ...
  • Honeyfield’s NEW wooden bird tables are Ideal for use in the garden or on the patio. They are pre-drilled and marked for easy home self-assembly and flat packed for ease of transportation. They are fu ...
  •  This anti bark dog collar is a combination of Fashion, Aesthetics, First-Class quality Product Name: Smart Training Collar. ♥  Product model: TC-001.                                                  ...
  • The new 4pets Caree is designed for cats and dogs up to 8kg (17.6lbs), and is fixed to the vehicle seats with the seatbelts, or (with an accessory) to any pair of ISOFIX latch points. It’s designed fo ...
  • Ramps allow young and old dogs in particular to get into and out of cars without danger of joint damage, and without needing to be lifted by their handlers.  The 4pets EasySteps was designed to be the ...
  • 4pets of Switzerland are right at the forefront of innovation in crash-tested dog cages; their PRO range has a patented high-tech rear panel that flexes when it’s hit; it absorbs and then releases the ...
  • 5 in 1 Grooming Spray

    25 Jan 2019 Botanica International
    Botanica 5-in-1 is a muti-purpose spray, with its unique formula can ve used for ALL your grooming requirements, keeping your animal cleaner for longer. Manages Outside Interferences such as flies/fle ...
  • A Festive Feast from Devon

    09 Aug 2019 Forthglade Foods
    Forthglade introduces the new Turkey & Goose Gourmet complete wet meal for dogs, as well as the Christmas Dinner for dogs with turkey, cranberry and parsnips, plus delicious Christmas treats with turk ...
  • Addicted

    18 Jun 2019 Holland Animal Care
    'Addicted' cat toys made with MADNIP. MADNIP is made from a special Asian plant that makes cats ‘chilled’ and lovely lazy! MADNIP is more powerful and fruity than Catnip and is simply irresistible for ...
  • Aikiou Stress Away

    23 Nov 2018 Pet Trade Innovations
    The “Stress Away” allows cats to slow down during feeding time by spreading food on its top ribbed plate. Adding some difficulties thus adding time for cats to eat their meal. Adding some challenge to ...
  • Albion Meat Products

    17 Jul 2018 Albion Country Bowl
    Albion Country Bowl " Complete " ranges for Puppies and Adults
  • Albion Meat Products

    04 Sep 2018 Albion Country Bowl
    A selection from Albion Meat products Chunky range
  • alcott

    17 Apr 2018 Pet Adventures Worldwide
  • Alfie's Diner Dog Treats

    25 Jun 2019 Fiona MAscall
    There’s no treat finer than Alfie’s Diner… Alfie’s Diner are gourmet treats made with wholesome ingredients. Not only are they absolutely scrumptious but they’re healthy too, with no artificial anythi ...
  • all for paws

    04 Dec 2018 Pedigree Wholesale
    All For Paws is a company specialized in designing unique products for Pets. Our pet lover team is always trying the best to design products that will satisfy pets needs as well as being suited to the ...
  • Alpaca

    30 Nov 2018 Trixie
    Cuddly soft alpaca made of plush with sound in various versions. 
  • animonda BEST CUTS

    06 Feb 2019 animonda petcare
    Meaty fresh, the way dogs love it Dogs cannot be fooled when it comes to quality. That’s why BEST CUTS wet dog food is made exclusively from fresh meaty ingredients, such as heart, lung, meat or liver ...
  • animonda MEATY DELIGHT

    06 Feb 2019 animonda petcare
    Meaty fresh, the way cats love it Cats are by nature carnivores. They are very fussy, and there’s no fooling them when it comes to quality. Cats can not utilize all essential nutrients from vegetable ...

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