27-28 September 2020
The UK's National Pet Industry Exhibition

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14-15 February 2021
The UK's Spring Pet Industry Exhibition



  • Bestpets Goldfish Flake

    11 Jan 2019 Bestpets
    A complete food for all varieties of cold water and aquarium fish. FEEDING GUIDE Bestpets Goldfish Flake provides a balanced diet of ingredients formulated to promote healthy growth and vitality in co ...
  • Bestpets Hamster Food

    11 Jan 2019 Bestpets
    A complementary food mix helps maintain your hamster’s health and fitness providing a good source of protein, fibre, oil, vitamins and minerals. Composition: Concentrated pellets, flaked peas, wheat, ...
  • Bestpets Hygiene Litter

    11 Jan 2019 Bestpets
    • Effective Odour Control • Small Holes to Quickly Absorb Moisture • Low Dust Content • Non-Clumping • 100% Calcium Silicate Storage instructions Store in a cool, dry place Directions for use • Make s ...
  • Bestpets Special Budgie Seed Mix

    11 Jan 2019 Bestpets
    A blend of specially selected high quality seeds providing a healthy complementary food for budgerigars, nutritionally, providing a good source of carbohydrate, oil and protein. Composition: Millet, C ...
  • Bestpets Suet Pellets

    11 Jan 2019 Bestpets
    A value pack of high energy berry suet pellets, a great treat for all wild birds, can be fed all year round feeding. Available in Berry or Insect.
  • Bestpets Wild Bird Food

    11 Jan 2019 Bestpets
    With small seeds it is a general wild bird food mixture containing many essential ingredients to provide birds with a balanced and healthy diet. The mix is rich in complex carbohydrates and oils for a ...

    16 Jul 2019 Marcella Marin
    Using Beviqui® is extremely easy and practical. Plug it to a water bottle like a cap, open the transparent cup, squeeze it and let the dog drink from the spring of water that comes out. Simple as that ...
  • Big Packs (Various flavours)

    17 Aug 2018 Dog Treat Company
    The Dog Treat Company's: Big Packs. Various flavours including Chicken, Turkey, Salmon, Duck and Coconut (our first vegan treat!) Great for dogs with intollerances. Only the highest quality and natura ...
  • Supplementary feed for wild birds made of 100% natural raw materials. Great decoration for balcony and garden. Easy to hang.
  • Biscuit Santa Sack

    Four Legged Fancies
    Beautiful santa sacks that make perfect Christmas gifts
  • Blood Stop

    30 Jul 2018 Aqueos
    Unique Stain Free Formula Controls Bleeding from Cuts & Minor Wounds Blood Coagulate Powder Stops Bleeding Quickly Forms a Gel Barrier No Harmful Chemicals Ideal for First Aid Kits Essential product f ...
  • Bones

    Nandi of Africa Premium Pet Treats
    Every bone is marinated, slow dried and smoked with natural hard woods, not liquid smoke. It’s a natural goodness you can see and smell. Extensive research and development has given us a unique proces ...
  • Now available as multi gift packs, luxury gift packs and single bottles. This ultimate doggy refreshment will help make your dog leader of the pack and will have other dogs sniffing their bottoms with ...
  • Since 2001 Bravo offers in the UK and EU a large selection of natural and flavoured rawhide products for dogs. Bravo is the market leader in the flavouring process, currently offering over a dozen dif ...
  • We are the market leader in the flavouring process, currently offering over a dozen stand out flavours including: Natural, Vanilla, Peanut Butter, Bubble Gum, Pizza, Honey, Cheese, Smoked bacon, Roast ...
  • Breed Health Nutrition

    20 Aug 2018 ROYAL CANIN
    At ROYAL CANIN®, we believe that every dog is unique. We research breed-specific traits before combining scientific and nutritional research from our veterinarians and nutrition experts to create prec ...
  • British Bus Knit

    03 Dec 2018 Pet London
    PetLondon launches a British Bus Knit Jumper that is full of patriotic pride with a detailed pattern featuring marching guard dogs, London buses and confetti bones. Made from a deep navy yarn and roun ...
  • British Lamb Casserole is a single meat protein, grain free complete food for adult dogs. We use high quality, fresh British lamb which is a highly digestible, meaning more nutrients are absorbed. Our ...
  • British Royal Collection

    03 Dec 2018 Pet London
    With the newly launched royal throne sofa bed, a cape and crown set and a crown plush toy, PetLondon is rolling out the red carpet and the royal fanfare. PetLondon’s throne bed is an uber luxurious do ...
  • British Toy Collection

    03 Dec 2018 Pet London
    A superb collection of patriotic British themed toys to drum up sales. The three bestsellers so far include the Big Ben plush, Mailbox Tug Toy and Royal British Guardsman Baton. The Big Ben plush meas ...

    21 Nov 2018 Pet Munchies
    Premium gourmet dental chews made with 100% natural human- grade grass fed Buffalo. This healthy chew is infused with salmon oil which is good for skin and coat, joint mobility due to the rich levels ...