27-28 September 2020
The UK's National Pet Industry Exhibition

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14-15 February 2021
The UK's Spring Pet Industry Exhibition



  • A LARGER PACK OF OUR CHEWS MADE FROM 100% CATFISH Long lasting and nutritious, these chewy treats are sustainably sourced and air-dried for your dog to gnaw and enjoy. Goodchap’s Catfish Twirls are ta ...

    Taking pampered pets to a whole new level…  Brought to you from the creators of 'Pawsecco' , CHAMPAWS is a decadent, non-alcoholic, herbal infusion that offers loved pets both substance and style.  We ...
  • Cheesy nibbles

    18 Jul 2018 Four Legged Fancies
    Bite sized biscuits made with cheddar cheese, one of our bestsellers.
  • Chewllagen - The Goodness Within

    06 Jan 2020 Lennox UK Ltd
    Chewllagen is made of natural collagen & dipped in real BEEF or CHICKEN. Chewllagen is a great instant reward for all dogs, no matter their size or whether a puppy, an adult or a senior dog. Chewllage ...
  • Chewllagen is a dog treat made from the collagen extracted from South American grass-fed cattle hide. The collagen proteins are hydrolysed and broken down through a heating process into smaller and mo ...
  • Chews

    Nandi of Africa Premium Pet Treats
    Each Chew is slow dried and smoked with natural hard woods, not liquid smoke. Special care is taken to prepare the chews to give maximum chew time and maximum taste. Nandi Chews are ideal Functional T ...
  • Chewy Tubes

    18 Jun 2018 Norfolk Industries
    Our chewy tubes are supplied complete with a range of bedding materials which in turn provide a comfy and cosy nest for your small pet.  Ideal for mice, rats, gerbils, degus and hamsters as well as sm ...
  • Along with our Innocent Hound collection we are delighted to offer delicious Innocent Cat treats loved by even the fussiest of felines. With a delicious combination of British duck, chicken and a hint ...
  • Chicken Feet

    22 Jun 2019 Dobbyman Ltd
  • Chicken Labradors

    18 Jul 2018 Four Legged Fancies
    Labrador shaped biscuits made with minced chicken.
  • Supplementary feed for wild birds. Energizing suet feed, with high fat content. Hand painted with natural dyes. Special decoration for balcony and garden.
  • Christmas Puddings

    18 Jul 2018 Four Legged Fancies
    Peanut butter and carob biscuits topped with puppy chocolate and dried cranberries.
  • Chuckit!

    04 Dec 2018 Pedigree Wholesale
    Just a glimpse of a Chuckit! toy is enough to excite the fetch fanatic dog! Whether you like toys that fly, float or tumble we are proud to bring you more innovation year on year.
  • Chunky Ranges

    18 Jul 2018 Albion Country Bowl
    We offer a range of Chunky products including, Beef, tripe, Liver, Heart, necks, Wings and Fish Fillets
  • cKnine

    12 Jul 2018 Pawfume Shop
    Designer fragrance spray for UNISEX dogs Lasts 2-3 days Contains Chamomile and Aloe Vegan friendly 100ml UK made
  • Ruff and Tumble’s Drying Coat dries your dog in minutes and takes the hassle out of managing wet dogs. Imagine a car that isn’t mud splattered and whiffy, or a kitchen without a heap of smelly, damp t ...
  • Features - 3,500 large and deep holes / 11,000 protrusions to trap litter - Easy to clean and vacuum - Soft, non-slip surface - Ultra lightweight - Easy open edge - Suitable for tofu and bentonite cla ...
  • Cleany Teeth

    14 Nov 2018 Absolutely Animals
    Cleany Teeth is easy to use and removes tartar with ultrasound, destroying bacteria deep in the gums. Ultrasounds are gentle air vibrations/oscillations, not audible, not visible and not perceptible. ...
  • Clever Fungus Dermasin oil

    04 Dec 2019 Martin Solc
    Product intended for use on delicate skin prone to eczema and dryness. Utilises mycoparasitism to destroy the filamentous micromycetes and fungus on the skin, coat and other areas. Dermasin Oil is sui ...
  • Clever Fungus Ecosin

    04 Dec 2019 Martin Solc
    A biological product added to water and utilised either as a water spray or in a water bath. Utilises mycoparasitism to destroy the filamentous micromycetes and fungus on the skin, coat and other area ...
  • ClimaCOOL - Dog Cooling Products

    01 Jun 2019 Adrian Bartlett
    The NEW ClimaCOOL® dog cooling products, developed by George Barclay, are the ‘must-have’ accessories for dog owners to keep their pooches cool this summer. The ClimaCOOL® series comprises of cool mat ...
  • Our paperback notebooks have thick, matt covers that feature original artwork by Beth Goodwin, as well as an illustrated title page. Perfect to pop in your bag for those important lists and ideas!  EC ...
  • Designed to help keep pets clean, this bath and pool features an easy-to-reach shampoo caddy, non-slip base and watertight drainage nozzle Pops up in seconds Easy to assemble and store Non-slip base H ...