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Winter Update

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“Winter has been with us for six weeks now and it’s like she’s always been here, she’s an absolute joy and has won the hearts of all the family.  So far she’s visited nearby woods and parkland for her free runs which she really enjoys.  Has met a few new dogs and been responding well to recall of both her name and the whistle.

She is fully house trained now, only with little accidents when she’s too excited or busy to head outside.  Basic commands like sit, down and wait are coming along beautifully and she is travelling in the car like a seasoned traveler.  We have started visiting local shops and cafes where we have begun the art of settling and ignoring everyone around her; this is especially difficult when she looks so cute, as everyone wants to say hello.  I haven’t yet found anything she doesn’t like to eat, but she does love small bits of cheese and sprats.  Her manners at meal times are excellent.  Her favourite games are retrieve and tuggy and she loves her Eeyore and Pig cuddly toys.

Lead walking is a work in progress because everything is exciting and smells so interesting right now, so travelling in a straight line is tricky!  We love her very much and are looking forward to Christmas and all the adventures we will have.”         Katy, socialiser

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