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Environment Statement

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Environment Statement

Exhibitions generate a huge amount of waste. Working with our contractors, the venue and you, our exhibitors, we want to make sure that we are doing as much as possible to reduce our impact on the environment and limiting the waste we send to landfill. We have a made a number of important changes for PATS Telford 2019;-

  • To attempt to offset our carbon footprint we have paid the Woodland Trust to plant 100 native UK trees, which in their lifetime will remove 25tonnes of CO2.
  • We have switched from giving visitors plastic carrier bags to recyclable paper bags.
  • We will continue to provide all exhibitors with free tea and coffee from our organisers’ office. And are delighted to tell you that we now only offer fully recyclable ‘vegware’ cups. We will only use recyclable spoons and stirrers in the PATS organisers office.
  • We provide water dispensers and water points with recyclable paper cones, or you can bring your own reusable water bottle.
  • The venue now has bins that separate waste categories.
  • Visitor and exhibitor badge holders (and lanyards) are made from plastic – we can avoid dumping these by encouraging everyone to hand them back as they exit PATS – we will then use them again. Simply use the recycling dump bin located by the show exits.
  • Exhibitors – we urge you to remove and recycle your own packaging. Telford International Centre is trying extremely hard to send zero waste to landfill.
  • Shell scheme and electrics - of course all of the electrical equipment is re-used, as is the shell scheme.
  • Carpet - all of our Evo-rib cord and Evo-Velour carpet is recycled in Coventry. The polypropylene fibres that our carpet is made from is cleaned, shredded and melted back into plastic pellets that can be re-used to make more carpet, or a variety of plastic components used throughout manufacturing.
  • The Telford International Centre (the PATS venue) is trying extremely hard to become the UK’s first carbon neutral exhibition venue and has a host of policies designed to reduce waste and pollution, such as; ‘switch off’ procedure ensuring all lights and electrical items are switched off when halls, conference rooms and offices are not in use, ‘Engine Switch off’ policy for coaches in the car parks, dimmer switches in conference rooms, thermostatic controls fitted to radiators and a host of other initiatives.
  • The Telford International Centre also has an onsite water filtration system which allows them to reuse glass bottles, reducing the need for plastic. Their water supplier is Wenlock Springs which is a local Shropshire supplier.

This list is certainly not exhaustive, and we appreciate that there is a lot more we can and need to do. We will strive to do so at every venue we stage an event.

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