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Pets & Pods Studio

Pets & Pods Studio
Modern Furniture for Pets

Our first conceptual product "Pento" was initially created as a rebellion against a mass of generic products flooding the pet market. After numerous futile attempts to find suitable furniture for our cat "Luka" we decided to take matter into our own hands and create something that would fit into our image of quality product for pets updated for modern times. Currently all our creations are a consensus between design conscious humans and the "end user". So far we manage to negotiate this delicate balance by applying our skills in carpentry, post-industrial design and love for our four legged friends. It's a tough job but someone has to do it :) For the main structure we use thick PET felt that is strong and durable yet soft to touch. Made from recycled plastic bottles it has superior acoustic properties and contains no chemical binders. Secondary material is made of compressed waste from sawmills, wood pallets,etc. and has lowest levels of formaldehyde emissions for this type of wood product. Naturally looking colours are achieved by using organic dyes. Careful selection of materials, good functional design and extensive research into behaviour of both cats and dogs, all this makes us stand out above the cut from our competitors. We constantly in search of new fresh ideas and will continue to develop best possible products for our customers. Enjoy and we hope you like what we do.

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